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Source code for Inverse Reinforcement Learning

You’ll find in this repo the code for three reinforcement learning algorithms :

  • LSTD$μ$
  • CSI

the description of which can be found on my research page.

Only SCIRL has a somewhat good, heavily commented implementation. It can be found in tutorials/

I intend to implement those algorithms properly as a part of some well-known machine learning library. When this is done I will destroy this repo.

In the meantime, feel free to try to make sense of all this. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any question. : CSI on the inverted pendulum, parameters can be played with. : Finding out in which areas of the state space of the inverted pendulum the expert is good. : Trying to find what to plot with CSI on the inverted pendulum. : Testing different parameters for LSPI and CSI on the Mountain Car. : Running all algos (SCRIL x2, SCI, Classif, RE) on the Mountain Car. : Evaluating the policies found in Exp5. : Running SCIRL on the Mountain Car : Relative entropy on the mountain car. : Cascading on the data from Asterix : Relative Entropy on the Highway : Plotting the results of different IRL algos on the mountain car : Running SCIRL on the Highway : Running CSI on the Highway


C implementation of RL and IRL algorithms



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