Record both audio and video in html5 and convert them into mp4.
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Js Html5 AV Recorder

JsHtml5AVRecorder is a native html5 object that helps you record both audio and video in live streaming, simultaneously, it is a wrapper for jsHtml5AudioRecorder and jsHtml5VideoRecorder from myself. You can record both audio and video files, convert them into one file with ffmpeg and stream the result. Make sure you have ffmpeg correctly setup in your environment. It will only works with Google Chrome.

1) How to install

bower install js-html5-av-recorder

2) How to use it?

//Instantiate the object
var jsAVRecorder                    = new jsHtml5AVRecorder();

jsAVRecorder.audioWrapper                    = jsAudioRecorder;      //jsHtml5AudioRecorder object with parameters - here
jsAVRecorder.videoWrapper                    = jsVideoRecorder;      //jsHtml5VideoRecorder object with parameters - here
jsAVRecorder.convertFilesTo                  = 'mp4';                //MP4 is the extension in which convert the medias
jsAVRecorder.doConversion                    = true;                 //Apply conversion
jsAVRecorder.streamConvertedResult           = true;                 //Show the result of the conversion
jsAVRecorder.deleteSeparatedFiles            = true;                 //Delete audio and video files, to only keep the single file
jsAVRecorder.mediaPath                       = '/medias/Temp/';
jsAVRecorder.phpFile                         = '/form/convertProcess.php'; //File is included inside the repository

//Init the object

function startRecording() {

 * You can use "save", "saveAndDownload" or "saveAndStream", "downloadAndStream" parameters
function stopRecording() {
    //For demo

    //In production

3) Live Demonstration


If you do contribute, please make sure it conforms to the PSR coding standard. The easiest way to contribute is to work on a checkout of the repository, or your own fork, rather than an installed version.

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Bug reports and feature requests can be submitted on the Github issues tracker.

For further informations, contact me directly at