Record live video stream in html5 with automatic fps, stream it, save it on server or download directly from browser
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Js Html5 Video Recorder

JsHtml5VideoRecorder is a native html5 object that helps you record live video stream from your browser. it provides automatic fps depending on your cpu. It works perfectly and only on Google Chrome.

1) How to install

bower install js-html5-video-recorder

2) How to use it?

//Instantiate the object
var jsVideoRecorder = new jsHtml5VideoRecorder();

//Set Parameters
jsVideoRecorder.whammy                      = Whammy;              //Whammy object from
jsVideoRecorder.width                       = '640';               //Width of the canvas and video tag element
jsVideoRecorder.height                      = '480';               //Height of the canvas and video tag element

jsVideoRecorder.resultTagIdHost             = 'media';             //Div id where to store the video recorded by the user
jsVideoRecorder.resultTagId                 = 'myVideo';           //Id of the video to show to user inside the resultTagIdHost

jsVideoRecorder.videoTagIdHost              = 'media';             //Div id where to store (video and canvas html tag element)
jsVideoRecorder.videoTagId                  = 'video';             //Id of the video tag element
jsVideoRecorder.canvasTagId                 = 'canvas';            //Id of the canvas tag element

//There is no counter that stops the record in this script
//This number just helps us calculates the video fps, depending on your machine and webcam
//If you want to stop the record after x seconds, use your own countdown
jsVideoRecorder.maxRecordTime               = 30;                  

jsVideoRecorder.videoExtension              = 'webm';              //Only "webm" format is supported
jsVideoRecorder.hideWebcamWhileRecording    = true;                //Hide webcam while recording, strongly improves performance
jsVideoRecorder.mediaPath                   = '/medias/Temp/';
jsVideoRecorder.phpFile                     = '/form/videoProcess.php'; //File is included inside the repository

//Initialize it

function startRecording() {

 * You can use "save", "saveAndDownload" or "saveAndStream", "downloadAndStream" parameters
function stopRecording() {
    //For demo

    //Use this on production

3) Live Demonstration


If you do contribute, please make sure it conforms to the PSR coding standard. The easiest way to contribute is to work on a checkout of the repository, or your own fork, rather than an installed version.

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Bug reports and feature requests can be submitted on the Github issues tracker.

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