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In no particular order

Exceptions in o2buffer
Exceptions in dvbuffer

More helper functions for diskbuffer


Ethan's algorithms stuff

Memory leak occurs if an exception is thrown in v4l2buffer after the new in the constructor

More image libraries.

move EndOfBufferBehaviour in to LocalVideoBuffer base class

Make imagestreambuffer

Put dynamic_cast<> type checking in all put_frame()s in all VideoBuffer s

Fix alpha loading in TIFF images. Currently, the loading loads precomposited and noncomposited images in the same way. Also, it loads alpha as an opacity (1 = opaque) value, whereas the convert_pixel stuff treats aplha as transparency (0 = opaque). This needs to be fixed.

There is a FIXME in to be fixed
Colourspace buffer
Templated v4l2buffer
Working v4l2buffer for 2.6
Prevent JPEG loader from trashing the next one in the stream
Auto configuration
JPEG saving
Get .so to work with exceptions
MPEG buffer
General owned image buffer from which one would derive diskbuffer, etc
Templated MPEG buffer
Move frames_per_second() in to video buffer base class
wls_c? fixed.
Redo configuration, so it is only done once. Autoconf now used.
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