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#define VC_MAX_PLANES 4
typedef struct video_capture* vcapture;
enum vcapture_format_type {
VC_TYPE_RGB, // packed: bytes = R0, G0, B0, ...
VC_TYPE_ARGB, // packed: bytes = A0, R0, G0, B0, ...
VC_TYPE_RGBA, // packed: bytes = R0, G0, B0, A0, ...
VC_TYPE_FOURCC_2uvy, // packed: bytes = Cb, Y0, Cr, Y1, ... pixels 0 & 1 share Cb, Cr
VC_TYPE_FOURCC_yuvs, // packed: bytes = Y0, Cb, Y1, Cr, ... pixels 0 & 1 share Cb, Cr
VC_TYPE_FOURCC_YVYU, // packed: bytes = Y1, Cr, Y0, Cb, ... pixels 0 & 1 share Cb, Cr
VC_TYPE_FOURCC_yuvu, // packed: bytes = Y0, Cb, Y1, Cr, ... pixels 0 & 1 share Cb, Cr
enum vcapture_error {
struct vcapture_frame {
int count; // 0 if component/packed video, otherwise number of planes
void* planes[VC_MAX_PLANES];
// zero means unspecified
// only type, fourcc, width, and height are observed in set_format
// if type and fourcc are both set, fourcc wins
struct vcapture_frame_format {
enum vcapture_format_type type;
unsigned int fourcc;
int width;
int height;
int bytes_per_row;
int pad_left;
int pad_top;
int pad_right;
int pad_bottom;
typedef void (*vcapture_frame_callback)(const struct vcapture_frame_format* format,
const struct vcapture_frame* frame,
unsigned long long int timestamp,
void* userdata);
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
unsigned int vcapture_type_to_fourcc(enum vcapture_format_type type);
enum vcapture_format_type vcapture_fourcc_to_type(unsigned int fourcc);
void vcapture_poll(int msec);
vcapture vcapture_alloc();
void vcapture_free(vcapture v);
int vcapture_device_count(vcapture v);
const char* vcapture_device_name(vcapture v, int device);
int vcapture_get_device(vcapture v);
int vcapture_set_device(vcapture v, int device);
int vcapture_get_requested_format(vcapture v, struct vcapture_frame_format* f);
int vcapture_set_requested_format(vcapture v, const struct vcapture_frame_format* f);
vcapture_frame_callback vcapture_get_callback(vcapture v);
int vcapture_set_callback(vcapture v,
vcapture_frame_callback callback,
void* userdata);
int vcapture_active(vcapture v);
int vcapture_start(vcapture v);
int vcapture_stop(vcapture v);
#ifdef __cplusplus
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