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Compile fixes for MingW including the following:

Test for MinGW in autoconf to avoid settting -fPIC and getting loads
of warnings.

Test for defined WIN32 && ! defined __MINGW32__ to avoid switching in
VS behaviour for GCC on Windows.

Some bodgy hacks for shared_ptr since VS doesn't put TR1 stuff in the
std::tr1 namespace

Remove dependence on htons/ntohs since CVD has a #define for endianness
already and removing these (very simple) functions makes libCVD compile
completely standalone on MinGW.
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1 parent d95b079 commit 0cca4319b12fb81fbe9f7506a3ab17f1be6811a9 Ed Rosten committed Jan 20, 2012
Showing with 2,801 additions and 6,343 deletions.
  1. +2,747 −6,312 configure
  2. +11 −7
  3. +8 −1 cvd/internal/win.h
  4. +12 −6 cvd/runnable_batch.h
  5. +17 −7 cvd_src/bayer.cxx
  6. +6 −10 pnm_src/cvdimage.cxx
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