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Chrome extension boilerplate showcasing communication between scripts
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This project aims to provide an easy to use boilerplate for chrome extensions, showcasing communication between its different scripts.

Not all extensions will need of all scripts or all types of messaging. All code snippets are optional. Text and images should be replaced with your own.


Clone the repo:

git clone name-of-your-project

Set git to track your own repository instead of this one:

git remote set-url --delete origin # Remove old origin
git remote set-url --add origin [YOUR REPO URL] # Add new origin

Install dependencies:

yarn install # or npm install


To run a development server that will watch for file changes and rebuild the scripts, run:

yarn start

To just build the files without the development server:

yarn build

Both commands will create a dist/ directory, it will contain the built files that should be loaded into the browser or packed.

Load into Chrome

To load the built files into Chrome, open chrome://extensions/.

Enable "Developer mode" if it's not enabled yet:

Developer Mode Checkbox

Click on "Load unpacked":

Load Unpacked Button

Find the dist/ directory on your system and open it.

The extension should be now at the top of the page:

Extension Loaded


Follow the official docs to learn how to publish a Chrome extension. Please note that Google has its own process to review public extensions and using this boilerplate does not guarantee that the extension will pass it. Passing the review process is your responsibility!

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