Exports an Ext.data.Store to Excel or CSV
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Exporter is a generic export class which takes any Ext.data.Store-based component (e.g. grids and similar) and exports the data in any format.

Exporter works completely client-side. It uses a Formatter class to generate a document (.xls, .csv etc) and then redirects the user’s browser to a data url so that they can view or download it.


Download the latest version in any of the following ways:

To install Ext.ux.Exporter, just include Exporter-all.js somewhere on your page:

<script type="text/javascript" src="Exporter-all.js"></script>


The most common use case for the Exporter is exporting a grid to Excel, which is as simple as doing the following:

var grid = new Ext.grid.GridPanel({
  store: someStore,
  tbar : [
      xtype: 'exportbutton',
      store: someStore
  //your normal grid config goes here

The provided ‘exportbutton’ is just a specialised Ext.Button subclass which redirects the user to the generated data url. If you want to provide your own implementation here, just check out the Button.js code (it’s ridiculously simple).


Download or clone the code (see Installation section for details) and then drag the example/index.html file into any browser to see an example of the Exporter at work.