A Javascript/JSON object browser component for ExtJS 4.x
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Javascript/JSON Object Browser component for ExtJS 4.x

This component is derived from an ExtJS tree panel, and was built to easily
parse through Javascript or JSON objects in a nested format. Each type of
property (number/string/object/array) is represented by a unique icon, and
arrays are also detected through a check for the 'length' property.

The design uses a recursive function to break the object down into ExtJS
records in an Ext.data.TreeStore, using an embedded key/value model. This model
can be accessed through the ModelManager by referencing the component ID and
appending 'Objects', such as 'ext-cmp-2001-Objects'. This avoids collision when
multiple components are referenced in the same document if the component is
overridden or modified.

This component, source code, and other referenced data attached in this
repository are released under the GPLv3 license for non-commercial use.
Commercial use of this component is only authorized under written agreement
between myself and interested entity.

Ian Nelson - http://www.in2rd.com
@in2rd on Twitter