Solitaire in Ext JS
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Solitaire in ExtJS

Simple port of the windows Solitaire game for Ext JS.  Runs locally, no need for server except to serve the files.

* 35Kb of JavaScript, 15Kb minified.
* < 1300 lines including generous comments, JSDOC and whitespace
* Written for ExtJS 2.2.  Custom build at
* Roughly 25 hours work, mainly spent trying to find information about D&D in ExtJS.

To do:

* Save game state to cookie so as not to lose between refreshes
* Make 'New Game' functionality work properly (as in not refresh the whole window!)
* Make a 'cool' animation for the end
* Add a 'hint' option which flashes a card


* initialiseDragSource called after each render of each card, is probably leaking memory (see FIXME at conditional at beginning of that method)
* There seems to be an event firing leak when double clicking cards.  Before they are moved they fire the event several times.
* Currently using a hack in Card.getBestMatch as it will occasionally throw an error (winner.overlap is null).  Should be able to remove the try/catch block here
* Can't currently double-click a card in the Deck, only on top of a Stack


* Allowed double-click on a top card to stack to automatically put it onto appropriate suitstack if the move is permitted
* When moving a revealed card from a stack, any cards on top of it will also move
* Using a custom build of ExtJS as only a small part of the framework is used here
* Changed deck cycling direction (bottom card moved to top instead of top to bottom)
* Updated top menu with links to view source and download from Github
* Reorganised files, took all classes out of the Ext.ux namespace
* Added time taken and score to bottom status bar

* Updated DragDropMgr to use intersect instead of point
* When multiple cards are dragged they are now all shown in the drag proxy

* Finished styling UI components