How to use this with Rails app? #1

millisami opened this Issue Jan 16, 2010 · 3 comments

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I'm pretty impressed with HAML like js rederer.
But I'm confused how to use this with Rails app??
Where to put what and how to render on the view as a callback to replace the rendered jaml?


Jaml is entirely JavaScript - I hadn't really thought of it being used as a renderer in Rails. It would be a better fit for client-side rendering or use within a JavaScript framework built on Node or Narwhal or something


You can also look on erector, that does pretty much the same (and a little more), and has a plugin for rails. The difference is: it is for server-side html generation, while this is for client-side. Pick your poison.


you can drop Node.js Template.js and Jaml.js in /lib/assets/javascripts and require them in application.js file and then you can create template.js in app/assets/javascripts..

PS. I had no luck in using .coffee, something with the indent..

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