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Universal classes and methods for API wrappers to build on.
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iron_rest_python is a collection of common functions for working with the RESTful APIs that we build at from Python.

It Is

  • Service-agnostic
  • Pip- and easy_install-installable
  • Well documented

It Is Not

  • An API wrapper. Those are specific to each service, and you can generally find them by checking the documentation for the service.
  • A place for service-specific code. This is only meant to handle the basic, RESTful interaction.


You can use pip or easy_install to install the release version. If you'd like to work with a development or beta version, retrieve the files from Github and run python install from the root directory.


This software is released under the BSD 2-Clause License. You can find the full text of this license under LICENSE.txt in the module's root directory.

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