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Mongogo is a MongoDB driver for the [Go programming language](
-This project is still in development. It's not well tested, but the basics seem to
-work well enough.
+This project is still in development. It's been tested on Arch and Ubuntu Linux for
+the amd64 architecture, but there's no reason it shouldn't work on other architectures
+as well.
-Mongogo's sole external dependency is [Go-BSON](go-bson).
+Mongogo compiles with Go release 2010-10-27 or newer, barring any recent language or
+library changes.
+Mongogo works with MongoDB version 2.6 or newer. It may partially work with older versions.
+Mongogo's only non-core Go dependency is [Go-BSON](go-bson).
You can install it with goinstall by running

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