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Experimental PIL-like interface for basic functionality using platform native libraries such as GraphicsMagick
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Native Imaging

This is an experiment in seeing how far you can get using platform-provided packages such as GraphicsMagick, CoreImage, etc. to provide a PIL-like interface but taking advantage of their support for more advanced features such as threading, broader format support (including JPEG-2000), vectorization, etc.

The goal is simple: a user should be able to install NativeImaging and do something like this to a program which is currently using PIL:

from NativeImaging.backends.GraphicsMagick import GraphicsMagickImage as Image


Currently only the most basic use-case is supported: loading an image, resizing it and saving the result. Testing reveals mixed results, beating PIL when producing thumbnails from large TIFFs and underperforming when thumbnailing equivalent JPEGs, both by about 2:1. Further profiling is warranted.

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