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aotycmp is a hack to see what albums on Alf Eaton's Albums of the Year (AOTY) <>_ list of lists can be streamed from Spotify <>_ and Rdio <>_.

If you just want to see the current results take a look at the line-oriented aoty.json file.

The steps for reproducing the results can be done using the following steps:

pip install -r requirements.pip
# add rdio keys to
./ | ./ > aoty.json

If you would like to add LastFM information to the json you will need to get an LastFM access key and add it to your, then:

cat aoty.json | ./ > aoty-lastfm.json

Maybe I should have dumped the crawled data into CouchDB instead of chaining JSON dumps together like this. Could be more fun right? It would make it easier to not repeat spotify and rdio API lookups.

If you have your own list of albums, and you want to see if they are available on spotify and rdio, you should be able to format your list like aoty_dedupe.json and point at it.

Alf says, it might be easier to scrape the content using this URL in the future: