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Selenium test suite

Before running:

  • Run the bootstrap script to configure JRuby and all required dependencies:

    $ cd ..
    $ build/run bootstrap

    Note: all example code following assumes the working directory is this directory's parent.

  • You may also need to re-initialize the database

    $ build/run db:nuke

Running the tests:

  • Run the full suite:

     $ build/run selenium:test
  • The full suite can take a while to run. If you just want to run one group of tests, use the example property:

     $ build/run selenium:test -Dexample='ArchivesSpace user interface Repositories'

    See spec/selenium_spec.rb to find the describe blocks that define groups of tests that can be run independently. As a rule, individual examples cannot be run in isolation because each group is a sequence of dependent steps.

Using an already running instance of ArchivesSpace:

  • By default the selenium task will start up its own instances of the backend and frontend. To use instances already running, set the following environment variables:

    $ export ASPACE_BACKEND_URL=http://localhost:xxxx
    $ export ASPACE_FRONTEND_URL=http://localhost:xxxx

Taking a screenshot of the interface if a test produces an error:

  • This can be helpful for debugging. To enable, set the following environment variable:

    $ export SCREENSHOT_ON_ERROR=1

    The screenshot will be saved to /tmp

Interacting with selenium on the command line:

  • To initialize the selenium environment for IRB:

    $ ./selenium/scripts/selenium-irb.sh

    When the initialization is complete, an instance of firefox will be running under selenium control, and you will be presented with an IRB prompt. Now you can say things like:

    > login('admin', 'admin')
    > $driver.find_element(:css, '.repository-container .btn').click
    > $driver.find_element(:link, "Create a Repository").click
    > $driver.clear_and_send_keys([:id, "repository_repo_code_"], 'REPO_1')
    > $driver.clear_and_send_keys([:id, "repository_description_"], 'First Repo')
    > $driver.find_element(:css => "form#new_repository input[type='submit']").click
    > logout
    > cleanup
    > quit

    Be sure to cleanup before quitting as this will kill the frontend, backend and firefox