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mirror a website, put it in a bag
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bagweb ~ 👜🕸

Active projects need active websites. An active website is one that can be updated quickly and easily, which often means installing a CMS of some kind (WordPress, MediaWiki, Drupal, Rails, etc). But projects end, and so does the write activity on a website. People may still want to look at the website as a record of what happened, but they are less interested in contributing new content, since the project is, well, finished.

To keep the record of a project you are stuck keeping the CMS software up to date so it doesn't get hacked, and making sure the database is upgraded and backed up. As the Web gets older, this problem gets worse. Wouldn't it be nice to replace the once dynamic site with a static version that wouldn't require software updates of any kind?

bagweb is a utility script for mirroring a website, creating a WARC file, and writing the data into a BagIt package for your data archive. The heavy lifting is done by wget and so you'll need to have those installed. bagweb really isn't anything special, it's just a way of remembering a sequence of command-line interactions, and perhaps a modest preservation pattern for the Web.

% bagweb api-workshop


Finished, see /Users/ed/Projects/bagweb/apiworkshop.log for details.

You may want to record additional provenance in

% tree apiworkshop
├── bag-info.txt
├── bagit.txt
├── data
│   ├── apiworkshop.warc.gz
│   └──
├── manifest-md5.txt
└── tagmanifest-md5.txt

You can take this bag and put it somewhere where you like to keep track of data. Then you can scp the snapshot file, in this case apiworkshop/data/ and unpack it in place of the previously installed CMS.

Follow these steps to test your website tarball:

  1. unzip
  2. docker run -v pwd:/usr/local/apache2/htdocs -p 8080:80 httpd
  3. disconnect from the Internet (disable wifi, remove ethernet cable, etc)
  4. open http://localhost:8080/

CAVEAT: If the website being archived has a lot of dynamic AJAX stuff going on, the mirror copy may not be perfect, because wget doesn't execute JavaScript. But it may work good enough for you, considering the alternatives.

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