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#!/usr/bin/env python
give this script a batch of LC MARC data and it will return
some "triples" about the relationship between the MARC record
and other web resources.
import sys
import re
import pymarc
def lccn_uri(lccn):
lccn = lccn.replace(' ', '')
if '/' in lccn:
lccn = lccn[0:lccn.find('/')]
if '-' in lccn:
pre, post = lccn.split('-')
lccn = "%s%0i" % (pre, int(post))
return None
return "" % lccn
for record in pymarc.MARCReader(file(sys.argv[1])):
lccn = lccn_uri(record['001'].data)
for field in record.get_fields('856'):
if field['3']:
print "%s\t%s\t%s" % (lccn, field['3'], field['u'])