some experiments with linked data available from the dev8d conference
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This little project is a linked-data experiment with data from the
dev8d semantic media wiki <>. For any of 
this to work you'll need to have the python module rdflib installed.


The script will crawl rdf for users and their affiliations on the
dev8d semantic media wiki. It then grabs the rdf for the dev8d programme. 
After that it will lookup each users twitter profile on using the twitter id that was found in the dev8d wiki.
Just start it up like so and it'll persist the triples to a on disk berkeleydb
backed triplestore:


You should be able to rerun and it will be able to add, update and
remove assertions as they are changed on the dev8d wiki.

The script will dump all the triples as rdf/xml to stdout:

  ./ > dump.rdf

The will dump out social network information for dev8d attendees as
rdf/xml to stdout. This is basically a subset of the full dump that only
includes assertions about foaf:Person resources:

  ./ > foaf.rdf

Finally the will use the homepage information pulled from the
dev8d wiki to locate a users homepage, and then try to autodiscover the feed url
for their blog. The resulting information is then written to stdout as a
Planet Venus configuration file for blog aggregation:

  ./ > planet.ini

You can see an example running at:

More about Planet Venus can be found at:


- danbri suggested using open social api
- only lists first 100 friends (what to do?)
- maybe pull in descriptions of events from the wiki?
- maybe persist sydnicated feed urls to the store so they don't have to 
  be looked up again every time is run?


Ed Summers <>