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Primary authors:
* Daniel Lindsley
* Cody Soyland
* Matt Croydon
* mdornseif for various patches
* Jeff Triplett (jefftriplett) for various reports/patches.
* Christian Klein (cklein) for the work on alphanumeric PK support.
* Charles Leifer (coleifer) for a patch related to nullable OneToOneFields.
* Sean Bleier (sebleier) for a patch that prevents error hiding on delete.
* Chris Adams (acdha) for documentation fixes & other patches.
* jonozzz for a patch regarding Paginator optimizations & a patch to multiple sort_by parameters.
* David Guaraglia (dguaraglia) for the requirements file & a patch to limits.
* whiteblack for a patch to Meta inheritance.
* Josh Bohde (joshbohde) for a patch to ignore problematic deserialization charsets & for docs on "nested" resources.
* Travis Cline (traviscline) for patches regarding URLconf namespacing & pagination.
* Jannis Leidel (jezdez) for patches regarding the ApiKey model & an admin inline.
* Malcolm Tredinnick (malcolmt) for documentation corrections.
* Vincent Driessen (nvie) for FileField related patches.
* Christopher Grebs (EnTeQuAk) for various patches.
* Roman Bogorodskiy (novel) for documentation fixes.
* D. Hageman (dhageman) for a patch adding default values to RelatedFields.
* James Hsiao (thepeopleseason) for finishing the DigestAuthentication bits.
* jesperp for a patch adding TimeField.
* Marcel van den Elst (MacMaru) for testing regarding ``blank=True``.
* ulmus for a cookbook example.
* Jason Kraus (zbyte64) for a patch related to script prefix.
* Timothée Peignier (cyberdelia) for various patches.
* Chris Beaven (SmileyChris) for a documentation patch.
* Evan Borgstrom (fatbox) for a documentation patch.
* Madis V (madisvain) for a README patch.
Thanks to Tav for providing, placed in public domain.
Thanks to various contributors of the Django test server patch, borrowed from and placed in tests/
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