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#!/usr/bin/env python
import re
import csv
import sys
import urllib
sys.path.insert(0, 'lib')
from BeautifulSoup import BeautifulSoup
def soupify(url):
return BeautifulSoup(urllib.urlopen(url).read())
def content_types():
soup = soupify('')
for anchor in soup.findAll('a'):
if anchor['href'].startswith('/assignments/media-types'):
content_type = anchor.string
if content_type == 'example':
yield content_type
def sub_types(content_type):
url = '' % content_type
soup = soupify(url)
for tr in soup.findAll('tr'):
cells = tr.findAll('td')
if len(cells) == 3 or len(cells) == 4:
sub_type = app_url = rfc_url = None
if cells[1].a:
if cells[1].a.has_key('href'):
app_url = '' + cells[1].a['href']
sub_type = cells[1].a.string.strip()
elif cells[1].font:
sub_type = cells[1].font.string.strip()
elif cells[1].string:
sub_type = cells[1].string.strip()
if cells[-1].a and 'RFC' in cells[-1].a.string:
rfc_url = cells[-1].a['href']
obsolete = False
match ='( \(obsolete\))', sub_type, re.IGNORECASE)
if match:
obsolete = True
sub_type = sub_type.replace(, '')
yield sub_type, app_url, rfc_url, obsolete
def main():
csv_writer = csv.writer(open('mediatypes.csv', 'w'))
for content_type in content_types():
for sub_type, app_url, rfc_url, obsolete in sub_types(content_type):
if sub_type == ' ':
name = "%s/%s" % (content_type, sub_type)
csv_writer.writerow([name, content_type, sub_type, app_url,
rfc_url, obsolete])
if __name__ == '__main__':
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