tool to generate SKOS for the Multilingual Dictionary of Cataloging Terms and Concepts
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This is a simplistic conversion tool to make the Multilingual Dictionary of 
Cataloging Terms and Concepts (MulDiCat) available as SKOS. More information
about MulDiCat can be found at:

MulDiCat is currently made available as a table in a Word document. Ideally 
there would be software managing the concept scheme, which would allow edits, 
and provide an audit trail--this script is only meant to demonstrate the use 
of SKOS.

For your convenience the current MulDiCat SKOS file is in the same directory 
as this README file: MuldiCat.rdf. Follow these steps to convert a new version 
of the Word document into RDF/XML.

1. Open the Word document in Open Office
2. Create a new spreadsheet: File -> New -> Spreadsheet
3. Select the table: Table -> Select -> Table
4. Copy the table: Edit -> Copy
5. Paste the table into the first cell of the spreadsheet: Edit -> Paste
6. Save as CSV: File -> Save As -> Set File Type: Text CSV
7. Convert to RDF: Muldicat.csv > Muldicat.rdf


- Open Office
- Python
- rdflib 
- lxml

Questions, comments, complaints:

- Ed Summers <>