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Extract data from Omeka to the filesystem.
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nyaraka will collect the data in an Omeka instance using its API and persist it to the file system. nyaraka was used as a name because it is Swahili for archive, and omeka is also a Swahili word that means "to display or layout goods or wares; to speak out; to spread out; to unpack".1


pip install nyaraka


If you want to collect private items and user information you'll need an API key: --key sldkjslkjflkjdflkjsdfkljs

nyaraka is single threaded, so there will only be one request issued at a time. But if you want to be extra polite and sleep a little bit between requests you can use the --sleep option: --sleep .5


Since Omeka's database schema requires one-to-many relationships between collections and items, and items and files, the metadata and media files are written to disk using the following naming scheme:


For example:

If collections are not used by the Omeka instance then the collections portion of the path will be omitted.

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