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#!/usr/bin/env python
import re
import os
import sys
import json
import time
import pyld
import codecs
import rdflib
import urllib
import wplinks
import requests
import lxml.html
from rdflib import ConjunctiveGraph, URIRef, Literal, Namespace, RDF, RDFS
from rdflib.plugin import register, Parser, Serializer
register('json-ld', Parser, 'rdflib_jsonld.parser', 'JsonLDParser')
register('json-ld', Serializer, 'rdflib_jsonld.serializer', 'JsonLDSerializer')
parisreview = ""
dcterms = Namespace("")
dbpedia = Namespace("")
bibo = Namespace("")
def get_links():
for w_url, pr_url in wplinks.extlinks(parisreview):
m = re.match("https://.+/wiki/(.+)$", w_url)
title = urllib.unquote('_', ' '))
if m and ':' not in title:
G.add((URIRef(pr_url), dcterms.subject, URIRef(w_url)))
G.add((URIRef(w_url), dcterms.title, Literal(title)))
def get_interviews():
for decade in ('1950s', '1960s', '1970s', '1980s', '1990s', '2000s', '2010s'):
url = '' + decade
doc = lxml.html.fromstring(requests.get(url).content)
for a in doc.xpath('.//div[@class="archive-left-item"]/a'):
def get_interview(path):
url = "" + path
html = requests.get(url).content.decode('utf8')
doc = lxml.html.fromstring(html)
title = doc.xpath('string(.//head/title)').split(" - ")[1]
text = unicode(doc.xpath('string(.//div[@class="detail-interviews-description"])'))
G.add((URIRef(url), RDF.type, bibo.Interview))
G.add((URIRef(url), dcterms.title, Literal(title)))
def wikipedia_title(article_url):
m = re.match("http://.+/wiki/(.+)$", article_url)
t = None
def write():
context = {
"dcterms": dcterms,
"dbpedia": dbpedia,
"subject": {
"@id": "dcterms:subject",
"@container": "@set"
"title": {
"@id": "dcterms:title"
"influencedBy": {
"@id": "dbpedia:influencedBy",
"@container": "@set"
doc = json.loads(G.serialize(context=context, format="json-ld"))
compacted = pyld.jsonld.compact(doc, context)
json_data = json.dumps(compacted, indent=2)
open("js/parisreview.json", "w").write(json_data)
js = "var ParisReview = " + json_data + ";"
open("js/parisreview.js", "w").write(js)
def get_influence_links():
for wp_url in set(list(G.subjects())):
m = re.match("", wp_url)
if not m:
title =
dbpedia_url = URIRef('' % title)
dbp = ConjunctiveGraph()
for o in dbp.objects(dbpedia_url, dbpedia.influencedBy):
m = re.match("$", o)
if not m:
wp_url2 = URIRef("" +
if len(list(G.predicate_objects(wp_url2))) > 0:
G.add((wp_url, dbpedia.influencedBy, wp_url2))
if __name__ == "__main__":
G = rdflib.ConjunctiveGraph()
print "getting interviews"
print "getting links"
print "getting influence links"
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