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#!/usr/bin/env python
Loads up a redis instance with owners, notes, tags, comments and authors. The
following keys will be created:
* owners - set of all owners
* owner:1234:images - images for owner 1234
* images - set of all images
* image:1234 - info for image 1234
* image:1234:tags - tags for a image 1234
* tags - set of all tags
* tag:foo - info for tag "foo"
* tag:foo:images - images for a given tag "foo"
* notes - set of all notes
* note:1234 - note information
* image:1234:notes - notes for image 1234
* comments - set of all comments
* comment:1234 - comment information
* image:1234:comments - comments for image 1234
* sets - set of all sets
* set:1234 - set information
* image:1234:sets - sets that image 1234 is a part of
import os
import json
import redis
r = redis.StrictRedis()
d = "/mnt/flickr-commons-metadata-1.0/data/"
def main():
for org_dir in os.listdir(d):
# skip british library for now, too big
if org_dir == '12403504@N02':
for dirpath, dirnames, filenames in os.walk(d + org_dir):
for filename in filenames:
path = os.path.join(dirpath, filename)
if filename.endswith("i.json"):
elif filename.endswith("c.json"):
elif filename.endswith("ctx.json"):
def load_info(path):
image = json.loads(open(path).read())
except Exception as e:
print "%s - %s" % (path, e)
print path
# general image info
image_id = "image:%s" % image['photo']['id']
r.hset(image_id, 'views', image['photo']['views'])
r.hset(image_id, 'title', image['photo']['title'])
r.hset(image_id, 'created', image['photo']['dateuploaded'])
r.sadd('images', image_id)
# track the owner of the image
owner_id = 'owner:%s' % image['photo']['owner']['nsid']
r.hset(image_id, 'owner', owner_id)
r.sadd('owners', owner_id)
r.sadd('%s:images' % owner_id, image_id)
# tags
for tag in image['photo']['tags']['tag']:
tag_id = 'tag:%s' % tag['raw']
author_id = 'author:%s' % tag['author']
r.sadd('%s:tags' % image_id, tag_id)
r.sadd('%s:images' % tag_id, image_id)
r.sadd('%s:authors' % tag_id, author_id)
r.sadd('tags', tag_id)
if tag['machine_tag'] == 1:
r.sadd('machinetags', tag_id)
r.sadd('authors', author_id)
# notes
for note in image['photo']['notes']['note']:
note_id = 'note:%s' % note['id']
author_id = 'author:%s' % note['author']
r.sadd('image-notes:%s' % image_id, note_id)
r.hset(note_id, 'author', note['author'])
r.hset(note_id, 'content', note['_content'])
r.hset(note_id, 'w', note['w'])
r.hset(note_id, 'h', note['h'])
r.hset(note_id, 'x', note['x'])
r.hset(note_id, 'y', note['y'])
r.hset(note_id, 'author', author_id)
r.sadd('notes', note_id)
r.sadd('authors', author_id)
def load_comments(path):
comments = json.loads(open(path).read())
except Exception as e:
print "%s - %s" % (path, e)
if 'comments' not in comments or 'comment' not in comments['comments']:
for comment in comments['comments']['comment']:
comment_id = 'comment:%s' % comment['id']
image_id = 'image:%s' % comments['comments']['photo_id']
author_id = 'author:%s' % comment['author']
r.hset(comment_id, 'content', comment['_content'])
r.hset(comment_id, 'author', author_id)
r.hset(comment_id, 'image', image_id)
r.hset(comment_id, 'created', comment['datecreate'])
r.sadd('%s:comments' % image_id, comment_id)
r.sadd('comments', comment_id)
r.sadd('authors', author_id)
def load_sets(path):
sets = json.loads(open(path).read())
except Exception as e:
print "%s - %s" % (path, e)
if 'set' not in sets:
image_id = 'image:%s' % os.path.basename(path).replace('-ctx.json', '')
for s in sets['set']:
set_id = 'set:%s' % s['id']
r.hset(set_id, 'title', s['title'])
r.hset(set_id, 'views', s['view_count'])
r.sadd('%s:images' % set_id, image_id)
r.sadd('%s:sets' % image_id, set_id)
r.sadd('sets', set_id)
if __name__ == "__main__":
# TODO: right now it's hard-coded to Brooklyn Musuem