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00794pam a2200241 i 4500001000800000005001700008008004100025035002100066906004500087010001700132020002200149020003300171020002900204040001800233050002500251082002500276100002700301245007400328260004900402300002800451490002200479991005100501461219520050208133419.0771025s1977 vtua 000 0 eng  9(DLC) 77017192 a7bcbccorignewd1eocipf19gy-gencatlg a 77017192  a0914378287 (v. 1) a0914378295 (lim. ed.) (v. 1) a0914378260 (pbk.) (v. 1) aDLCcDLCdDLC00aPS3569.H44bW3 pt. 100a811/.5/4 sa811/.5/41 aJohnson, Judith Emlyn.14aThe town scold /cby Judith Johnson Sherwin ; ill. by Margaret Lampe. aTaftsville, Vt. :bCountryman Press,cc1977. a39 p. :bill. ;c23 cm.0 aHer Waste ; pt. 1 bc-GenCollhPS3569.H44iW3 pt. 1tCopy 1wBOOKS
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