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Adding more problem MARC for testcases

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1 parent 379e4e0 commit b651fc678d888500239bd62db37fffb9486e3050 @anarchivist anarchivist committed Mar 6, 2010
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+01004cam a2200277 450000100070000000500170000700800410002403500190006509000320008424500810011626000680019730000180026544000480028350000190033153300780035070000200042871000600044890900150050896000140052396400160053796500530055396600240060696700670063096800110069796900180070814491720021009092157.0021009n 000 0 eng u a(Sirsi) a12702 b2020 (Series 19, Box 02-10)04aThe coming revolution in teacher licensure :bredefining teacher preparation a[Washington, D.C.:�bAssociation of Teacher Educators]c1994. ap. [1]-11, 13 0aAction in teacher education ;vv. 16, no. 2 a"Summer 1994." aCopy.b[S.l.] :cNational Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.1 aWise, Arthur E.2 aNational Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education a1996003454 aEducation aK-12 Reform aTeacher preparation and professional development aProgram development aEducation, Regulations, Administration, Accreditation Services aAdults aUnited States

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