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format_field() in #9

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Hi Ed,

I made a minor change to the format_field method in that I thought I would share in case it is helpful to others.

format_filed() will now ignore subfield 6 when called. This eliminates getting formatted field strings that contain the pointers to 880 fields with foreign scripts. It was returning stings like "880-01 Fu, Jin, 1956-" or "880-02 Xin Zhongguo xi ju shi".

I added a subfield 6 in test/ to verify that it's doing what I intended.

Thanks for your work on the library. I use it often.

Ted Lawless

@edsu edsu merged commit a4ef9b2 into from
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Commits on Dec 5, 2010
  1. In format_field() will now ignore subfield 6, which is a poi…

    Ted Lawless authored
    …nter to linked 880 fields.
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  1. +2 −0  pymarc/
  2. +4 −2 test/
2  pymarc/
@@ -179,6 +179,8 @@ def format_field(self):
fielddata = ''
for subfield in self:
+ if subfield[0] == '6':
+ continue
if not self.is_subject_field():
fielddata += ' %s' % subfield[1]
6 test/
@@ -97,9 +97,11 @@ def test_is_subject_field(self):
self.assertEqual(self.field.is_subject_field(), False)
def test_format_field(self):
- self.assertEqual(self.subjectfield.format_field(),
+ self.subjectfield.add_subfield('6', '880-4')
+ self.assertEqual(self.subjectfield.format_field(),
'Python (Computer program language) -- Poetry.')
- self.assertEqual(self.field.format_field(),
+ self.field.add_subfield('6', '880-1')
+ self.assertEqual(self.field.format_field(),
'Huckleberry Finn: An American Odyssey')
def test_tag_normalize(self):
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