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Playing around with SavePageNow data.
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This repository includes Jupyter notebooks that document research into the Internet Archive's Save Page Now web archive data. The project is a collaboration between Shawn Walker, Jess Ogden and Ed Summers.


The notebooks do have some order to them since some of them rely on data created in others. They are listed here as a table of contents if you want to follow the path of exploration.

  • Sizes: how SPN data has changed over time
  • Sample: sampling the full SPN dataset
  • Spark: an example of using Spark with WARC data
  • Tracery: tracing SPN requests in WARC data
  • URLs: extracting metadata for SPN requests
  • UserAgents: analyzing the User-Agents in SPN requests
  • Domains: examining the most popularly archived domains
  • Archival Novelty: what does newness look like in SPN data
  • WSDL Diversity Index: analyzing the diversity of SPN requests
  • Known Sites: taking a close look at particular websites in SPN data
  • Liveliness: examining whether archived content is still live

Some of the notebooks use Python extensions so you'll need to install those. pipenv is a handy tool for managing a project's Python dependencies. These steps should get you up and running:

pip install pipenv
git clone
cd Data
pipenv install
pipenv shell
jupyter notebook

Note: if you are using a notebook that requires Spark you'll need to set these in your environment before starting Jupyter:

jupyter notebook Spark.ipynb


  • a utility to ensure that the downloaded files are complete
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