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iterator functions for twitter api
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A start at lazy iterator functions for twitter's api, using their cursors to
page through results.

For example if you want to print out all of danbri's current followers:

    import twitterator

    twitter = twitterator.Twitter()
    for follower in twitter.statuses_followers(screen_name='danbri'):
        print ("%(name)s [%(screen_name)s]" % follower).encode('utf-8')

Or if you want to print out all dchud's friends:

    twitter = twitterator.Twitter()
    for follower in twitter.statuses_friends(screen_name='dchud'):
        print ("%(name)s [%(screen_name)s]" % follower).encode('utf-8')

I guess I'll get around to adding more of the API when I (or someone else)
needs it.

You'll need httplib2 installed for it tow work.

License: Public Domain
Contact: Ed Summers <>
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