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# is a shell script to run from cron that will download the latest
# hour's page view statistics and write out the top 1000 to a JSON file
# you will probably want to run it sufficiently after the top of the hour
# so that the file is likely to be there, e.g.
# 30 * * * * cd /home/ed/Projects/wikitrends/; ./
# first, get some date info
year=`date -u +%Y`
month=`date -u +%m`
day=`date -u +%d`
hour=`date -u +%H`
# this is the expected URL for the pagecount dump file
# sometimes the filenames have a timestamp of 1 second instead of 0
# so if 0000.gz isn't there try using 0001.gz instead
curl -f -s -I $url > /dev/null
if [ $retval -ne 0 ]; then
# create a directory and filename for the JSON
mkdir -p $json_dir
# fetch the data and write out the stats!
curl --silent $url | \
gunzip -c | \
egrep '^en ' | \
perl -ne '@cols=split/ /; print "$cols[2] $cols[1]\n";' | \
sort -rn | \
head -n 1000 | \
./ > $json_file
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