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Welcome to the redmine_issue_closed wiki!

= Issue_closed

== Installing delayed_job:

To working plugin Redmine Issue Closed you need to install and start delayed_job.
Delayed job is plugin for background processes.

1) sudo gem install delayed_job 2) script/plugin install git:// 3) script/generate delayed_job rake db:migrate 4) create config/initializers/delayed_job_config.rb and add inside this code: Delayed::Job.destroy_failed_jobs = false silence_warnings do Delayed::Job.const_set(“MAX_ATTEMPTS”, 3) Delayed::Job.const_set(“MAX_RUN_TIME”, 7.days) end 5) rake jobs:work → for starting background processes If’ll have some problems you would get information by this link:

== Installing Redmine Issues Closed:

1) script/plugin install git:// 2) rake db:migrate_plugins 3) go to admin → issue_statuses Set up plugin (select “resolved” & “closed” statuses) 4) use!

== For turn off Redmine Issue Closed Plugin:

project/settings/ > Modules
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