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edu-sharing ILIAS plugin

This extension is tested with ILIAS v4.4.4 More information about edu-sharing can be found on the edu-sharing homepage.



  • Put the directory LfEduSharingResource into your ILIAS Customizing directory at: Customizing/global/plugins/Services/Repository/RepositoryObject/LfEduSharingResource (create all missing subdirectories)
  • Put the directory LfEduSharingUI into your ILIAS Customizing directory at: Customizing/global/plugins/Services/Repository/UIComponent/UserInterfaceHook/LfEduSharingUI (create all missing subdirectories)
  • Within ILIAS open Administration > Plugins, Modules and Services
  • Click on "Administrate" in the "RepositoryObject" slot row.
  • Install/update and activate the "LfEduSharingResource" plugin
  • After activation click on "Configure" and enter your configuration directory path and hit "Save".

Plugin registration

  • Go to Customizing/global/plugins/Services/Repository/RepositoryObject/LfEduSharingResource/config/
  • Rename to app-[home repository app id].properties.xml and adjust filename in
  • Adjust all plugin and repository paths accordingly to your home repository in the following files
    • app-[home repository app id].properties.xml
  • Change the ssl keypair in You really should do this to avoid a security gap.
  • Add the ssl public key of the home repository
  • Register the plugin in home repository


If you plan to contribute on a regular basis, please visit our community site.