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GitHub Education

Teach with industry-standard tools

Get free access with training for students and faculty

Unlock a passion for learning with GitHub for your whole school

Enhance your technical curriculum

Elevate your lessons with GitHub's advanced tools and provide students access to current industry practices.

Reinvigorate your teaching methods

Use GitHub Classroom to automate feedback and manage coursework, which can make your sessions more dynamic and interactive.

Boost collaboration across campus

Make it easier for students and educators to collaborate on projects and assignments.

Deploy GitHub Enterprise at your school, for free

Implement GitHub Enterprise Server and Cloud in your school to unlock a suite of advanced tools for educators and students. Leverage GitHub Actions, Codespaces, and Copilot to elevate your technical education and collaboration standards.

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Build student tech communities

Foster diverse technology communities on your campus through GitHub's comprehensive support system, offering training and mentorship to empower student growth and innovation.

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The benefits from using GitHub education in your school

A question and answer about How are you using GitHub to introduce your students to programming

Bring the global power of open source and the developer community to your campus.

  • 2k+ universities, community colleges, secondary schools, and bootcamps use GitHub in the classroom.
  • Empower your students and faculty with real-world software development skills

Teacher training

Support your faculty by integrating Git and GitHub into their teaching toolkit. Our teacher training features self-paced video lessons and practical assignments, enabling educators to enhance their skills and apply them directly in the classroom.

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Tailor GitHub Education to your school's needs

Our free educational selve-serve offer for institutions doesn't include Enterprise Support, Advanced Security, Enterprise Managed Users or Copilot Business. If you want to benefit from these advanced features, please contact our sales team to discuss available discounts for schools.

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Discover the impact of GitHub Education

Join thousands of educational institutions around the world that are already benefiting from GitHub Education's free resources.

Enroll your campusJoin the conversation

See how schools use GitHub

Naperville North High School

Discover how Naperville North High School uses GitHub Classroom to enhance their AP Computer Science curriculum, creating a professional-like collaborative environment that enhances learning.

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Rice University

Learn about Rice University's journey integrating GitHub into their first-year computer science classes, improving student engagement and project management through practical, real-world tools.

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CS50 at Harvard University

Explore how Harvard’s CS50 course leverages GitHub to streamline course management, distribute content, and track student progress, significantly enriching the computer science education experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GitHub Education?

GitHub Education is a community dedicated to empowering the next generation of developers through the power of open-source education. Whether you're a student eager to make your mark, an educator aiming to inspire, or an early career developer looking to sharpen your skills, GitHub Education is here to help you succeed.

Why Join GitHub Education?

  • Free access to tools: Jump-start your development journey with the GitHub Student Developer Pack, offering dozens of premium tools and services at no cost. From GitHub Copilot’s AI-powered coding assistance to GitHub Codespaces, which provide a fully configured cloud development environment, these tools are used daily by professional developers globally. They’d normally cost a fortune, but are available for free to verified students. 

  • Real-world experience: Engage in open source projects and collaborative development to gain practical experience and build a portfolio of contributions. This hands-on approach prepares you for a successful career in tech, offering real-world application and visibility.

  • Exclusive learning content: Explore our Learning Paths to find structured educational content designed to guide your learning. These paths provide a clear progression through different tech topics, helping you enhance your knowledge and skills at your own pace.

  • Global network: Connect campus advisors and experts, and attend special events and live streams. Each connection will expand your horizon and open doors to new growth opportunities.

Sign up for free and take the first step toward becoming a leader in technology and innovation.

Is GitHub Education right for my school?

GitHub Education offers free access (yes, free!) to GitHub Enterprise Server or GitHub Enterprise Cloud. This program is specifically designed for accredited institutions that grant degrees, diplomas, or certificates. It equips schools with a comprehensive suite of tools to enhance the educational experience but does not include Enterprise Support, Advanced Security, Enterprise Managed Users (EMUs), Copilot Business, or contract redlining.

Our offering is intended as a whole-school solution to ensure every department benefits. It promotes an integrated learning and development environment throughout your entire institution. However, the adoption must be at the institutional level and cannot be implemented by individual departments.

To fully participate, your school must:

  • Provide the platform access across all interested departments.

  • Designate an administrator as the main contact for GitHub to handle any technical queries.

  • Display your school's logo on our website as a sign of our partnership.

  • Maintain open lines of communication for all qualified users within your institution.

  • Agree to receive regular updates from GitHub Education to stay informed about new tools and opportunities.

If your institution does not fit this criteria, such as not granting formal degrees or certificates, please contact our sales team to discuss alternative options and available education discounts.

Who can apply?

If you're leading your school's IT program, heading a department, or overseeing technology adoption at your school, you're welcome to apply. Provide the requested information, and GitHub will be in contact to discuss eligibility and the next steps. The agreement must be signed by your school's CIO or CTO as part of a full campus solution.

How do I sign up?

To receive the free benefits, your school needs to:

  • Offer GitHub access across all technical and academic departments.

  • Display your school’s logo on our website as a GitHub Education partner.

  • Receive regular updates from GitHub Education.

  • Agree to our Terms and Conditions.

Interested? Let us know, and we'll guide you through joining our education initiative!

Do schools receive free access to Copilot and the Student Developer Pack?

While GitHub offers free access to Copilot for individuals and numerous partner tools for all students and educators, these are not accessed through our educational institutional benefits. Students and educators must apply directly to receive these benefits.

Can I enroll my non-profit educational organization?

GitHub Education supports accredited institutions that grant degrees. For non-profit organizations, GitHub offers separate discounts. Visit our GitHub Social Impact site for more information.