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GitHub Education

Enhance your teaching experience with GitHub

Whether you’re teaching a class or managing an entire curriculum, GitHub Education is here to support you.

Get your GitHub Teams account, free for teachers

Unlimited private repositories

Manage class projects with unlimited private repos and advanced collaboration tools.

Team organization and permissions

Simplify classroom management with structured team roles and permission settings.

Enhanced classroom security

Keep your educational content secure with advanced security features like two-factor authentication.

Foster collaboration with GitHub Teams

Give your students a head start with GitHub Teams for education—offered at no cost. They’ll collaborate on projects in private repositories, handle access with advanced tools, and master industry-standard workflows. This mirrors the professional development environment, nurturing essential skills for their future tech careers.

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Harness the AI power of GitHub Copilot

Enhance your curriculum with AI-powered code suggestions and assignment generation, simplifying lesson planning and encouraging student engagement. It’s free for verified educators.

Code with a prompt for GitHub Copilot with the text "Write me a unit test for this assignment."

The benefits from using GitHub classroom

App displaying assignments, their submission status, and grade

Transform teaching with GitHub Classroom. Simplify your course workflow, student feedback, and grading.

  • Manage your coursework within your command-line workflow to save time and avoid context-switching.
  • Streamline autograding for quick, effective feedback on student code submissions, enhanced learning, and simplified grading processes.

Integrate GitHub Classroom with Codespaces, LMS, and IDE

Connect GitHub Classroom with your LMS to synchronize coursework and grades, and integrate with Codespaces for a ready-to-code IDE environment that prepares students with real-world software development skills.

Cartoon character looking at an IDE displaying code and files

Grow your network with Teacher Discussions

Join our invitation-only Teacher Discussions to connect with a  global network of educators where you can share innovative teaching strategies and explore new ideas.

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We've partnered with GitHub Education to ensure students receive a robust education in computer science and practical skills, equipping them for success in any field.
David J. MalanGordon McKay Professor of the Practice of Computer Science at Harvard University

Begin your GitHub Education journey

Join us today and take the first step toward transforming the way you teach.

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About GitHub Classroom

Teachers and school administrators can use GitHub Classroom to create virtual classrooms, make and edit assignments, automatically grade assignment submissions, and more.

Learn more

Get started with GitHub Classroom

Teachers and school administrators can use GitHub Classroom to create virtual classrooms, make and edit assignments, automatically grade assignment submissions, and more.

Watch now

Using GitHub Classroom with GitHub CLI

You can use gh, the GitHub command line interface, to work with GitHub Classroom directly from your command line.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GitHub Education?

GitHub Education is a community dedicated to empowering the next generation of developers through the power of open-source education. Whether you're a student eager to make your mark, an educator aiming to inspire, or an early career developer looking to sharpen your skills, GitHub Education is here to help you succeed.

Why Join GitHub Education?

  • Free access to tools: Jump-start your development journey with the GitHub Student Developer Pack, offering dozens of premium tools and services at no cost. From GitHub Copilot’s AI-powered coding assistance to GitHub Codespaces, which provide a fully configured cloud development environment, these tools are used daily by professional developers globally. They’d normally cost a fortune, but are available for free to verified students. 

  • Real-world experience: Engage in open source projects and collaborative development to gain practical experience and build a portfolio of contributions. This hands-on approach prepares you for a successful career in tech, offering real-world application and visibility.

  • Exclusive learning content: Explore our Learning Paths to find structured educational content designed to guide your learning. These paths provide a clear progression through different tech topics, helping you enhance your knowledge and skills at your own pace.

  • Global network: Connect campus advisors and experts, and attend special events and live streams. Each connection will expand your horizon and open doors to new growth opportunities.

Sign up for free and take the first step toward becoming a leader in technology and innovation.

How can I qualify for GitHub Education benefits as a teacher?

To access GitHub Education benefits, you need to be a currently employed educator at an accredited educational institution. Please apply by submitting proof of academic employment, such as a faculty ID or employment verification letter, using your institutional email address through our GitHub Education for Teachers portal.

How do I access free GitHub Copilot?

Thank you for your interest in GitHub Copilot. This free benefit is available to teachers who qualify for GitHub Education. To apply, please provide proof of your current academic position using your official academic email address along with supplementary documents, such as a faculty ID or an employment verification letter, via our Teacher Application. You can find more information in our GitHub Education for educators documentation page.

What should I do if my application for GitHub Education benefits was not approved?

If your application was not approved, it may be due to insufficient proof of current academic employment or affiliation with a non-degree granting institution. Ensure your application includes a clear academic email address and proper employment documentation. You may update your information and reapply as needed.

How do I integrate GitHub Codespaces into my GitHub Classroom?

For a step-by-step guide on incorporating Codespaces into your classroom, please visit our integration documentation on GitHub Education.

How can I connect my Learning Management System (LMS) with GitHub Classroom?

To connect a Learning Management System (LMS) with GitHub Classroom, you'll first need to ensure that your LMS supports LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability). Popular LMS like Canvas, Blackboard, and Moodle are supported. Follow the step-by-step instructions in our documentation on connecting an LMS course to a Classroom to set up this integration, enabling seamless synchronization between the platforms.