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Wrapper for the TinkerPop Blueprints API for Graph DBMSs. It supports version 1.1 of the Blueprints API.
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clj-blueprints is a binding for the Blueprints graph DBMS API.


Simply add this to your leiningen deps: [clj-blueprints "0.1.0"]


The documentation can be found here:


Working with the database:

; Opening the database and setting the *db* var for global use.
(set-db! (tinker-graph)) ; You can open every other GraphDB by instantiation the required GraphDB object (like OrientGraph)

; Dynamically bind *db* to another DB.
(with-db (tinker-graph)
  (form-1 ...)
  (form-2 ...)
  (form-3 ...)
  (form-n ...))

; Shutdown the DB

; Using transactions (*db* must be bound to some database in the surrounding scope).
  (form-1 ...)
  (form-2 ...)
  (form-3 ...)
  (form-n ...))

Working with vertices and eges:

  (let [v1 (vertex {:first-name "John", :last-name "Doe", :age 20, :country "USA"})
        v2 (vertex {:first-name "Jane", :last-name "Doe", :age 25, :country "USA"})]
    (link! v1 :knows {:since "2012/02/24"} v2)))

Please note: This is not a comprehensive guide. Please read the library documentation to know what functions and macros are available.

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