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;; Copyright (C) 2011, Eduardo Julián. All rights reserved.
;; The use and distribution terms for this software are covered by the
;; Eclipse Public License 1.0
;; ( which can be found
;; in the file epl-v10.html at the root of this distribution.
;; By using this software in any fashion, you are agreeing to be bound
;; by the terms of this license.
;; You must not remove this notice, or any other, from this software.
(ns ^{:doc "Wrapper for the TinkerPop Blueprints API for Graph DBMSs. It supports version 1.1 of the Blueprints API."
:author "Eduardo Julián"}
(:import (com.tinkerpop.blueprints.pgm Graph Element Vertex Edge TransactionalGraph TransactionalGraph$Conclusion IndexableGraph Index Index$Type)
(com.tinkerpop.blueprints.pgm.impls.readonly ReadOnlyGraph ReadOnlyEdge ReadOnlyVertex ReadOnlyIndex)
(com.tinkerpop.blueprints.pgm.util.graphml GraphMigrator GraphMLReader GraphMLWriter)
(com.tinkerpop.blueprints.pgm.util.json GraphSONReader GraphSONWriter)
(com.tinkerpop.blueprints.pgm.impls.event EventGraph)
(com.tinkerpop.blueprints.pgm.impls.event.listener GraphChangedListener)
( TinkerGraph))
(:require [clojure.walk :as walk]))
(def ^{:doc "This dynamic var holds the currently used database."}
^:dynamic *db* nil)
; Element fns
(defn get-id "" [elem] (.getId elem))
(defn pget "Retrieves an element's property (given as a keyword)."
[elem prop]
(let [v (.getProperty elem (name prop))]
(if (and (string? v) (= (first v) \:))
(keyword (subs v 1))
(defn passoc! "Assocs an element's property (given as a keyword)."
([elem prop v]
(if (keyword? v)
(recur elem prop (str v))
(do (.setProperty elem (name prop) (if (keyword? v) (str v) v))
([elem prop v & kvs] (passoc! elem prop v) (apply passoc! elem kvs)))
(defn pdissoc! "Dissocs an element's property (given as a keyword)."
[elem prop] (.removeProperty elem (name prop)) elem)
(defn pkeys "Returns an element's keys as keywords."
[elem] (map keyword (.getPropertyKeys elem)))
(defn pvals "Returns an element's vals."
[elem] (for [k (pkeys elem)] (pget k)))
(defn as-map "Transforms an element to a Clojure hash-map."
[elem] (apply hash-map (reduce concat (for [k (pkeys elem)] [k (pget elem k)]))))
; Transactions
(def +tx-success+ TransactionalGraph$Conclusion/SUCCESS)
(def +tx-failure+ TransactionalGraph$Conclusion/FAILURE)
(defmacro with-tx "Evaluates the given forms inside a transaction."
[& forms]
`(do (.startTransaction *db*)
(let [r# (do ~@forms)] (.stopTransaction *db* +tx-success+) r#)
(catch Exception ~'e (.stopTransaction *db* +tx-failure+) (throw ~'e)))))
(defn get-max-buffer-size "Get Max Transaction Buffer Size" [] (.getMaxBufferSize *db*))
(defn set-max-buffer-size "Set Max Transaction Buffer Size" [buffer-size] (.setMaxBufferSize *db* buffer-size))
(defn current-buffer-size "Current Transaction Buffer Size" [] (.getCurrentBufferSize *db*))
; Graph fns
(defmacro with-db "Evaluates the given forms with the given Graph DB bound to *db*."
[graph-db & forms]
`(binding [*db* ~graph-db] ~@forms))
(defn set-db! "Given a Graph instance (like OrientGraph, TinkerGraph, etc), sets it as the global DB."
(alter-var-root #'*db* (fn [_] graph-db))
(defn shutdown! "" [] (.shutdown *db*))
(defn clear! "Clears *db* of all nodes and edges." [] (.clear *db*))
(defn get-vertices "Returns all the vertices."
[] (.getVertices *db*))
(defn get-edges "Returns all the edges."
[] (.getEdges *db*))
(defn load-vertex "" [id] (.getVertex *db* id))
(defn load-edge "" [id] (.getEdge *db* id))
(defn vertex
"Adds a vertex to the database. If given a hash-map, sets the properties of the vertex."
([id props] (let [v (.addVertex *db* id)] (when props (apply passoc! v (interleave (map name (keys props)) (vals props)))) v))
([id] (if-not (map? id) (.addVertex *db* id) (vertex nil id)))
([] (.addVertex *db* nil)))
(defn link!
"Adds an edge between vertex1 and vertex 2 given a vector like [label props-map]. The label must be a keyword and props-map can be nil."
([id v1 label props v2] (let [e (.addEdge *db* id v1 v2 (name label))] (when props (apply passoc! e (apply concat (seq props)))) e))
([v1 label props v2] (link! nil v1 label props v2))
([v1 label v2] (link! nil v1 label nil v2)))
(defn remove! "Removes either a vertex or an edge from the Graph."
(isa? (class elem) Vertex) (.removeVertex *db* elem)
(isa? (class elem) Edge) (.removeEdge *db* elem)))
; Vertex fns
(defn get-edges "Gets the edges from a vertex given the direction (:in or :out) and an optional filtering label (as a keyword)."
([vertex dir] (case dir :in (.getInEdges vertex), :out (.getOutEdges vertex), :both (concat (.getInEdges vertex) (.getOutEdges vertex))))
([vertex dir label] (filter #(= (.getLabel %) (name label)) (case dir :in (.getInEdges vertex), :out (.getOutEdges vertex), :both (concat (.getInEdges vertex) (.getOutEdges vertex))))))
; Edge fns.
(defn get-vertex "Gets the :in or :out vertex from an edge."
[edge dir] (case dir :in (.getInVertex edge), :out (.getOutVertex edge)))
(defn get-label "" [edge] (.getLabel edge))
(defn get-ends
"In case you don't want to get the edges that meet a requirement but the vertices at the end of those, use get-ends just like get-edges."
([vertex dir label]
(if (= :both dir)
(concat (get-ends vertex :in label) (get-ends vertex :out label))
(map #(get-vertex % (case dir :in :out, :out :in)) (get-edges vertex dir label))))
([vertex dir]
(if (= :both dir)
(concat (get-ends vertex :in) (get-ends vertex :out))
(map #(get-vertex % (case dir :in :out, :out :in)) (get-edges vertex dir)))))
(defn get-link
"If vertex1 and vertex2 are connected by an edge, it returns that edge."
[v1 v2]
(or (some #(when (= v2 (get-vertex % :out)) %) (get-edges v1 :in))
(some #(when (= v2 (get-vertex % :in)) %) (get-edges v1 :out))))
(defn linked? "Tells whether or not two vertices have an edge between them."
[v1 v2] (if (get-link v1 v2) true false))
(defn unlink! "Removes the edge between two vertices." [v1 v2] (remove! (get-link v1 v2)))
; Indexes
(defn create-automatic-index! ""
[kname class keys]
(.createAutomaticIndex *db* (name kname) class (->> keys seq (map name) (apply hash-set))))
(defn create-manual-index! ""
[kname class]
(.createManualIndex *db* (name kname) class))
(defn get-index "" [kname class] (let [class (case class :vertices Index/VERTICES, :edges Index/EDGES)] (.getIndex *db* (name kname) class)))
(defn get-indices "Returns the indices of the graph."
[] (.getIndices *db*))
(defn drop-index! "" [kname] (.dropIndex *db* (name kname)))
(defn index-class "" [i] (.getIndexClass i))
(defn index-name "" [i] (.getIndexName i))
(defn index-type
"Returns whether the given index is :automatic or :manual."
(get {Index$Type/AUTOMATIC :automatic, Index$Type/MANUAL :manual}
(.getIndexType i)))
(defn iget "Gets an element from an index."
[index key val]
(.get index (name key) val))
(defn iput "Puts an element from an index."
[index key val element]
(.put index key val element))
(defn iremove "Removes an element from an index."
[index key val element]
(.remove index key val element))
; Read-Only
(defn as-read-only
"When called with no arguments, this fn sets *db* to be a read-only version of itself.
When called with one argument (Graph, Vertex, Edge or Index), it returns a read only version of it."
([] (set-db! (ReadOnlyGraph. *db*)))
([item] (condp = (class item)
Graph (ReadOnlyGraph. item)
Vertex (ReadOnlyVertex. item)
Edge (ReadOnlyEdge. item)
Index (ReadOnlyIndex. item))))
; GraphML
(defn migrate-graph! "" [g1 g2] (GraphMigrator/migrateGraph g1 g2))
(defn read-graph-ml!
"Reads GraphML formatted data into the current *db*.
All the keys are optional."
[input-stream & {:keys [buffer-size vertex-id-key edge-id-key edge-label-key]}]
(let [gr (doto (GraphMLReader. *db*)
(.setVertexIdKey (name vertex-id-key))
(.setEdgeIdKey (name edge-id-key))
(.setEdgeLabelKey (name edge-label-key)))]
(if buffer-size
(.inputGraph gr input-stream buffer-size)
(.inputGraph gr input-stream))))
(defn write-graph-ml!
"Writes GraphML formatted data from the current *db*.
All the keys are optional."
[out-stream & {:keys [vertex-types edge-types normalize]}]
(doto (GraphMLWriter. *db*)
(.setVertexKeyTypes (walk/stringify-keys vertex-types))
(.setEdgeKeyTypes (walk/stringify-keys vertex-types))
(.setNormalize (boolean normalize))
(.outputGraph out-stream)))
; GraphSON
(defn read-graph-json! "Reads GraphSON formatted data into the current *db*."
([input-stream] (GraphSONReader/inputGraph *db* input-stream))
([input-stream buffer-size] (GraphSONReader/inputGraph *db* input-stream buffer-size)))
(defn write-graph-json!
"Writes GraphSON formatted data from the current *db*.
All the keys are optional."
[out-stream & {:keys [vertex-props edge-props show-types]}]
(GraphSONWriter/outputGraph *db* out-stream (map name edge-props) (map name vertex-props) (boolean show-types)))
; Graph Event Listeners
(defn graph-listener
"Creates a GraphChangedListener object by being passed a hash-map of functions to be used. All the functions are optional.
Notation: vx = vertex; e = edge; k = key; v = val
edge-add [e]
edge-prop-changed[e k v]
edge-prop-remove [e k v]
edge-remove [e]
vertex-add [vx]
vertex-prop-changed [vx k v]
vertex-prop-remove [vx k v]
vertex-remove [vx]
graph-cleared []"
[{:keys [edge-add edge-prop-changed edge-prop-remove edge-remove
vertex-add vertex-prop-changed vertex-prop-remove vertex-remove
(reify GraphChangedListener
(edgeAdded [_ e] (if edge-add (edge-add e)))
(edgePropertyChanged [_ e k v] (if edge-prop-changed (edge-prop-changed e k v)))
(edgePropertyRemoved [_ e k v] (if edge-prop-remove (edge-prop-remove e k v)))
(edgeRemoved [_ e] (if edge-remove (edge-remove e)))
(vertexAdded [_ vx] (if vertex-add (vertex-add vx)))
(vertexPropertyChanged [_ vx k v] (if vertex-prop-changed (vertex-prop-changed vx k v)))
(vertexPropertyRemoved [_ vx k v] (if vertex-prop-remove (vertex-prop-remove vx k v)))
(vertexRemoved [_ vx] (if vertex-remove (vertex-remove vx)))
(graphCleared [_] (if graph-cleared (graph-cleared)))
(defn event-graph "" [graph] (EventGraph. graph))
(defn add-listener
"Adds a listener to an EventGraph.
Can be passed either a GraphChangedListener or a hash-map that is compatible with graph-listener."
[g l] (.addListener g (if (map? l) (graph-listener l) l)))
(defn get-raw-graph "Returns the graph wrapped by an EventGraph."
[eg] (.getRawGraph eg))
; TinkerGraph
(defn tinker-graph ""
([] (TinkerGraph.))
([dir] (TinkerGraph. dir)))