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Fixed many errors and bugs and added a whole lotta features.

Gonna update the README soon.
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5 project.clj
@@ -1,12 +1,11 @@
-(defproject heimdallr "0.1.0"
+(defproject heimdallr "0.2.0"
:description "Small lib for Context-Oriented Programming."
:url ""
:license {:name "Eclipse Public License - v 1.0"
:url ""
:distribution :repo
:comments "same as Clojure"}
- :dependencies [[org.clojure/clojure "1.2.0"]
- [org.clojure/clojure-contrib "1.2.0"]]
+ :dependencies [[org.clojure/clojure "1.3.0"]]
:dev-dependencies [[org.clojars.rayne/autodoc "0.8.0-SNAPSHOT"]]
:autodoc {:name "heimdallr"
:description "Small lib for Context-Oriented Programming."
221 src/heimdallr.clj
@@ -1,94 +1,175 @@
-;Version: 0.1.0
-;Copyright: Eduardo Emilio Julián Pereyra, 2011
-;License: EPL 1.0 ->
+;; Copyright (C) 2011, Eduardo Julián. All rights reserved.
+;; The use and distribution terms for this software are covered by the
+;; Eclipse Public License 1.0
+;; ( which can be found
+;; in the file epl-v10.html at the root of this distribution.
+;; By using this software in any fashion, you are agreeing to be bound
+;; by the terms of this license.
+;; You must not remove this notice, or any other, from this software.
-(ns heimdallr
- "Small lib for Context-Oriented Programming.")
+(ns ^{:doc "Small lib for Context-Oriented Programming."
+ :author "Eduardo Julián"}
+ heimdallr
+ (:require [clojure.set :as set]
+ [clojure.walk :as walk]))
-(def #^{:doc "This dynamic var holds the current Context Stack for a thread."}
- *context* (with-meta '() {:type ::ContextStack}))
-(def *layered-fn*)
+; Base Utilities
+; Special thanks to Chris Houser for the original implementation in Contrib's Error-Kit
+(defn- qualify-sym [sym]
+ (if-let [v (resolve sym)]
+ (apply symbol (map #(str (% (meta v))) [:ns :name]))
+ (symbol (str (name (ns-name *ns*)) "/" (name sym)))))
-(defn push-layer
- "Pushes a layer onto the Context Stack to be used globally by all layered functions."
- [layer] (def *context* (conj *context* layer)))
+; Heimdallr
+(declare layer= fetch-layer active?)
-(defn pop-layer
-"Pops the layer at the top of the Context Stack so it can't be used globally by all layered functions.
-Returns the popped layer."
+(def ^{:doc "This dynamic var holds the current Context Stack for a thread."}
+ ^:dynamic *stack* '())
+(defrecord Layer [name requires involves implies excludes])
+; Layer/Stack Utilities
+(defn push-layer [cstack {:keys [name requires involves implies excludes], :as layer}]
+ (if (or (vector? layer) (seq? layer)) ; If it's something seqable.
+ (reduce push-layer cstack layer) ; Push all of its members.
+ (if-not (active? layer cstack) ; If the layer is not active on the stack.
+ (if (reduce #(and %1 %2) true (map (fn [r] (not (active? r cstack))) (map eval excludes))) ; Make sure there are no coliding layers active on the stack.
+ (if (reduce #(and %1 %2) true (map (fn [r] (active? r cstack)) (map eval requires))) ; Check whether the requirements are in place.
+ (let [cstack (map (fn [l] (if (some (fn [r] (= (:name l) (:name r))) (map eval requires)) ; If that's the case, make them know they have to deactive
+ (update-in l [:deactivate] conj (:name layer)) ; this layer.
+ l))
+ cstack)
+ ; Also add layers involved (weak inclusion) and implied (strong inclusion), reference counting for when other layers involve/imply them.
+ cstack (reduce (fn [s wi] (push-layer s wi)) cstack (map #(assoc % :ref-count 1) (map eval involves)))
+ cstack (reduce (fn [s si] (push-layer s (update-in si [:deactivate] conj (:name layer)))) cstack (map #(assoc % :ref-count 1) (map eval implies)))]
+ (conj cstack (update-in layer [:deactivate] concat (map (comp :name eval) involves) (map (comp :name eval) implies))))
+ (throw (Exception. (str name " cannot be activated because the requirements are not in place: " (seq (map :name (map eval requires)))))))
+ (throw (Exception. (str name " cannot be activated because there are contradictory layers: " (seq (map :name (map eval excludes)))))))
+ (if (:ref-count layer) ; Reference counting is used for pushing and removing layers which are implied/involved by more than 1 layer.
+ (map #(if (= (:name layer) (:name %))
+ (if (:ref-count %) (update-in % [:ref-count] inc) (assoc % :ref-count 1))
+ %)
+ cstack)
+ cstack))))
+(defn remove-layer [cstack layer]
+ (if (or (vector? layer) (seq? layer))
+ (reduce remove-layer cstack layer)
+ (if-let [layer (fetch-layer layer cstack)]
+ (if (or (not (:ref-count layer)) (< (:ref-count layer) 2))
+ (reduce (fn [s d] (remove-layer s (eval d)))
+ (filter (fn [l] (not (layer= l layer))) cstack)
+ (:deactivate layer))
+ (map (fn [l] (if (layer= layer l) (update-in l [:ref-count] dec) l)) cstack))
+ cstack)))
+(defn push-layer!
+ "Globally pushes a layer onto the Context Stack."
+ [layer]
+ (alter-var-root #'*stack* push-layer layer))
+(defn pop-layer!
+ "Globally pops the layer at the top of the Context Stack and removes any dependant layers. Returns the popped layer."
- (let [popped (first *context*)]
- (def *context* (rest *context*))
- popped))
+ (let [popped (first *stack*)]
+ (alter-var-root #'*stack* remove-layer popped)
+ (dissoc popped :deactivate)))
+(defn remove-layer!
+ "Globally removes a layer from whatever place it is in the stack and removes any dependant layers."
+ [layer]
+ (alter-var-root #'*stack* remove-layer layer))
+(defn layer? "" [l] (= heimdallr.Layer (class l)))
-(defn _heim-dispatcher [& args]
- (if (-> args first type (= ::ContextStack))
- (ffirst args)
- (first *context*)))
+(defn layer= "Returns whether layers 1 and 2 are equal."
+ [layer1 layer2]
+ (= (:name layer1) (:name layer2)))
+(defn- fetch-layer [layer cstack]
+ (some (fn [l] (and (layer= l layer) l)) cstack))
+(defn active? ""
+ ([layer] (active? layer *stack*))
+ ([layer cstack] (if (fetch-layer layer cstack) true false)))
+; Layers/layered fns utilities.
(defmacro deflayer
-"Defines a Layer.
-The <requires> param must be a vector of layers that are required for this layer to work."
- ([sym] `(def ~sym (with-meta {:name '~sym, :requires []} {:type ::Layer})))
- ([sym requires] `(def ~sym (with-meta {:name '~sym, :requires '~requires} {:type ::Layer})))
- )
-(defn layer? "" [l] (-> l type (= ::Layer)))
-(defn proceed
-"Given a layer currently on the stack and args for the partial definition, runs the code and returns the result.
-Note #1: This fn can only be called inside a layered function.
-Note #2: To use the base definition, pass the :base keyword as the layer.
-Note #3: If no layer is given and the :base implementation is not requested,
- it will look for the first definition it can find for the layers in the stack
- by searching from the top to the bottom of the stack."
- [layer & args]
- (cond
- (layer? layer) (if (some #(= layer %) (rest *context*))
- (apply (get-method *layered-fn* layer) args)
- (throw (Exception. (str "The layer <" (:name layer) "> is not active in the Context Stack."))))
- (= :base layer) (apply (get-method *layered-fn* :default) args)
- :else (loop [ctx (rest *context*), impl (get-method *layered-fn* (first ctx))]
- (if impl (binding [*context* ctx] (apply impl layer args))
- (if (empty? ctx) (apply proceed :base args)
- (recur (rest ctx) (get-method *layered-fn* (fnext ctx))))
- ))
+ "Defines a layer.
+The :requires param holds layers without which this layer cannot work. If the requirements are not met, an exception will be thrown.
+The :involves param holds weak-inclusion layers. These layers will be activated when the source is pushed onto the stack,
+ but can be deactivated without deactivating the source.
+The :implies param holds strong-inclusion layers. These layers will be activated when the source is pushed onto the stack,
+ and if deactivated, will also deactivate the source.
+The :excludes param hold layers that will prevent this one from being activated. It is the opposite of :requires.
+ If any of these layers is active on the stack, an exception will be thrown when trying to push this layer.
+All parameters are optional."
+ [sym & options]
+ (let [[docs {:keys [requires, involves, implies, excludes]}] (if (string? (first options))
+ [(first options) (apply hash-map (rest options))]
+ [nil (apply hash-map options)])]
+ `(def ~(vary-meta sym assoc :doc docs)
+ (Layer. '~(qualify-sym sym)
+ '~(map qualify-sym requires)
+ '~(map qualify-sym involves)
+ '~(map qualify-sym implies)
+ '~(map qualify-sym excludes)))
-(defmacro with-context
-"Executes the given forms inside the given context.
+(defmacro with-layer
+ "Executes the given forms inside the given context(s).
In order to activate multiple layers at the same time, pass the layers as a vector (example: [layer-1, layer-2, ...])
The latter layers will be nested inside the former ones as in:
(layer-3 ...)))"
[ctx & forms]
- (if (vector? ctx)
- `(with-context ~(first ctx) (with-context ~(if (> (count (rest ctx)) 1) (vec (rest ctx)) (fnext ctx)) ~@forms))
- `(let [reqs# ~ctx]
- (if (or (empty? (:requires reqs#)) (->> (:requires reqs#) (map eval) (map #(some (fn [~'c] (= % ~'c)) *context*)) (every? true?)))
- (binding [*context* (if reqs# (conj *context* reqs#) *context*)] ~@forms)
- (throw (Exception. (str "The layer dependencies of <" (:name reqs#) ">, " (str (:requires reqs#)) " are not active in the Context Stack.")))))
- ))
+ `(binding [*stack* (push-layer *stack* ~ctx)] ~@forms))
+(defmacro without-layer
+ "Executes the given forms outside the given context(s).
+In order to deactivate multiple layers at the same time, pass the layers as a vector (example: [layer-1, layer-2, ...])
+If some layers depend on one or more of the layers to be deactivated, they will also be deactivated."
+ [ctx & forms]
+ `(binding [*stack* (remove-layer *stack* ~ctx)] ~@forms))
(defmacro deflayered
-"Defines a layered function. For the base definition, simply don't provide a layer.
+ "Defines a layered function. For the base definition, simply don't provide a layer.
For layer-dependant definitions, pass a layer before the args vector and sexps.
An optional doc-string can be provided for the base definition."
[sym & extra]
- (let [ftoken (first extra)
- extra (if (or (string? ftoken) (symbol? ftoken)) (rest extra) extra)
- doc-str (if (string? ftoken) ftoken "")
- layer (when (symbol? ftoken) ftoken)]
+ (let [[doc-str layer extra] (cond (string? (first extra)) [(first extra) nil (rest extra)]
+ (symbol? (first extra)) [nil (first extra) (rest extra)]
+ :else [nil nil extra])
+ extra (if (vector? (first extra)) (list extra) extra)
+ extra (map (fn [[args & forms]] ; Make 'proceed' available to the code using it by looking up the nearest implementation based on the stack.
+ (if (some (partial = 'proceed) (flatten forms))
+ (list args `(let [~'proceed (or (first (filter (partial not= (get-method ~sym :default))
+ (map (partial get-method ~sym)
+ (map :name
+ (next (drop-while #(not (layer= ~layer %))
+ *stack*))))))
+ (get-method ~sym nil))]
+ ~@forms))
+ (cons args forms)))
+ extra)
+ ]
(if-not layer
- `(do (defmulti ~sym ~doc-str _heim-dispatcher) (defmethod ~sym :default ~@extra))
- (if (= ::Layer (type (eval layer)))
- (let [multi? (-> extra first vector? not)
- nxt (-> layer eval :next)
- nxt (if nxt`((proceed ~nxt ~@(first extra))) '())]
- (if multi?
- `(defmethod ~sym ~layer ~@(for [[args & forms] extra] `(~args (binding [*layered-fn* ~sym] ~@forms (proceed ~(-> layer eval :next) ~@args)))))
- `(defmethod ~sym ~layer ~(first extra) (binding [*layered-fn* ~sym] ~@(rest extra) ~@nxt))))
+ `(do (defmulti ~(vary-meta sym assoc :doc doc-str) (fn [& _#] (:name (first *stack*)))) ; Dispatch based on the name of the top layer's name.
+ (defmethod ~sym :default [& args#] ; If no valid implementation is found for the top layer, find one for the others.
+ (let [def# (get-method ~sym :default)]
+ (apply (or (first (filter (partial not= def#)
+ (map (partial get-method ~sym)
+ (map :name *stack*))))
+ (get-method ~sym nil))
+ args#)))
+ (defmethod ~sym nil ~@extra)) ; Base implementation.
+ (if (layer? (eval layer))
+ `(defmethod ~sym (:name ~layer) ~@extra) ; Layer-specific implementations.
(throw (Exception. (str layer " is not a Layer.")))

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