Use multiples check style from files and Git commit
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Use multiples check style from files and Git commit


codelint [options] [files...]


-h, --help Show help message and exit.
-v, --version Show version and exit.
-c, --config=CONFIG
 Directory of configuration, default is $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/codelint or ~/.config/codelint if $XDG_CONFIG_HOME is not set.
-q, --quiet Don't show errors of the validators in stdout.
-t, --type Show mimetype of files, but not check files.
--show-config Show configuration loaded and exit.
--git Check files in Git cached area.



List of map files extensions for mimetype. Format is mimetype whitespace and file extensions, example:

application/x-shellscript sh
text/x-python py
text/x-ruby rb


List of map Shebang for mimetype if file not have file extension. Format is mimetype whitespace and regular expression, example:

application/x-shellscript \b(ba)?sh\b
text/x-python \bpython[0-9.]*\b
text/x-ruby \bruby[0-9.]*\b


List of validators for check style. Format is same of configparser of Python, a section is a validators configuration, and options is:

Option Value
name Name of validator, this show in error message.
mimetype Mimetype of files for use this validator for check, is possible use "*", example text/* and ",", example text/x-python,text/x-ruby.
cmd Command line for exec this validator, $f is a filename.
errorfmt Regular expression for rewrite errors. Groups is code_error, column, line, message.


name = PEP 8
mimetype = text/x-python
cmd = pep8 $f
errorfmt = .+:(?P<line>\d+):(?P<column>\d+): (?P<code_error>\w\d+) (?P<message>.+)

name = Pylint
mimetype = text/x-python
cmd = pylint --reports=no --msg-template='{line}:{column}: {msg_id} {msg} ({symbol})' $f
errorfmt = (?P<line>\d+):(?P<column>\d+): (?P<code_error>\w\d+) (?P<message>.+)