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Python SDK for accessing Microsoft Partner Center API
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Partner Center Python SDK

Build Status

The Partner Center Python SDK provides an SDK to interact with Microsoft's Partner Center service. This enables the partners to perform the Partner Center operations programmatically.

Installing SDK

To install:

pip install partnercenterservices

Supported Scenarios

To find pointers and code snippets that show how to use the Partner Center Python SDK to manage customers, get analytics, place orders, manage billing and subscriptions, provide support, and manage accounts and profiles, please check out the supported scenarios.

Checking out the Source Code

Use the following command to clone the repository

git clone
cd partner-center-python

How to Build from Command Line

This was build using AutoRest and downloading Partner_Center_Service_SwaggerDocument from Partner Center:

autorest --input-file=swagger.json --python --azure-arm=true --payload-flattening-threshold=2 --package-name=partnercenterservices --package-version=0.1.0

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