Fabic scripts to deploy Ghost (the blogging platform)
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Running Ghost in Vagrant

I am trying this script in Ubuntu 13.04. For it I use Vagrant, hosting the machine under Virtualbox. If you don't have Virtualbox in your machine, click the link and follow the instructions. get VirtualBox

Having Virtualbox installed, fire the Vagrant instance doing

cd GhostDeployment
vagrant up

To run the scripts I am using Python Fabric. If you don't have it, here is a script to deploy it in Ubuntu

sudo ./install_fabric.sh

Having the tools in your host machine, make sure that all is in the right place:

fab vagrant server_update

Now go with Ghost:

fab vagrant install_tools
fab vagrant install_ghost
fab vagrant server_reboot

TODO: add the details to edit config.js and access Ghost from the host browser