An atom package providing syntax highlighting and snippets for the Elm language.
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language-elm package

Syntax highlighting and autocomplete for the Elm language.


There are two ways to install the Atom Elm Extension: using the editor, or using the command line.

Install using the editor (Recommended)

You can install packages within Atom. To do so:

  1. Open the editor settings
  2. Click the "Install" menu item
  3. Search for "language-elm"
  4. Click the install button on the "language-elm" result

More documentation for how to use the package manager can be found on the official Atom site.


Screenshot of installation

Install using the command line

Run the following command in your terminal:

apm install language-elm


In order to get autocomplete working, please:

  1. Open up a terminal
  2. npm install -g elm-oracle
  3. which elm-oracle on Unix/Linux or where.exe elm-oracle on Windows
  4. Copy the path to elm-oracle
  5. Open up the language-elm settings in Atom
    - Open up the Atom Settings / Preferences tab - Click on "Packages" - Find the "language-elm" package in the list - Click "Settings"
  6. Paste the path into "The elm-oracle executable path" setting

Thanks to the authors of Elm Oracle

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Atom's native symbol-view package uses ctags, and thus doesn't support Elm without extra configuration. But this plugin uses langauge definition files to identify symbols, and does support Elm as long as atom-elm is installed.