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GitHub Education

Empowering the next generation of developers

GitHub Education bridges the gap between coding education and a tech career, and is accessible to everyone globally at no cost.

More than a platform. GitHub Education is a commitment to bringing tech and open source collaboration to students and educators across the globe.

5 million students

Connect with millions of peers who've expanded their skills through GitHub Education.

200K verified educators

Collaborate with educators around the world who enhance their lesson plans and workstreams with GitHub tools.

+2K educational institutions

Join thousands of schools globally that incorporate GitHub into their tech curriculum.


Join a community where learning meets doing, with free access to the same tools professional developers use, including GitHub Copilot and Codespaces. 

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Connect with a community of peers, expand your teaching methods, and leverage GitHub Classroom to track and manage assignments, automate grading, and empower students to dream big. 


Enhance your technical and academic departments with real-world software solutions, thanks to free access to GitHub Enterprise. 

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Expand your brand's footprint in the tech landscape and ensure the tech leaders of tomorrow know your tools by name by partnering with GitHub Education.

We've partnered with GitHub Education to ensure students receive a robust education in computer science and practical skills, equipping them for success in any field.
David J. MalanGordon McKay Professor of the Practice of Computer Science at Harvard University
GitHub Education is a fantastic opportunity for students to build solid communities. The program offers awesome tools like the GitHub Student Developer Pack and helps shape great leaders with the Campus Experts Program. If you make the most of these resources, you’re in for some amazing opportunities! 
Toukir Khan GitHub Campus Expert | CSE Undergrad 24'

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About GitHub Classroom

Teachers and school administrators can use GitHub Classroom to create virtual classrooms, make and edit assignments, automatically grade assignment submissions, and more.

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Community Discussions

Have questions or need help? Join in on the conversation and meet fellow students and teachers all learning together with GitHub. 

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GitHub Skills

Learn how to use GitHub with interactive courses designed for beginners and experts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GitHub Education?

GitHub Education is a community dedicated to empowering the next generation of developers through the power of open-source education. Whether you're a student eager to make your mark, an educator aiming to inspire, or an early career developer looking to sharpen your skills, GitHub Education is here to help you succeed.

Why Join GitHub Education?

  • Free access to tools: Jump-start your development journey with the GitHub Student Developer Pack, offering dozens of premium tools and services at no cost. From GitHub Copilot’s AI-powered coding assistance to GitHub Codespaces, which provide a fully configured cloud development environment, these tools are used daily by professional developers globally. They’d normally cost a fortune, but are available for free to verified students. 

  • Real-world experience: Engage in open source projects and collaborative development to gain practical experience and build a portfolio of contributions. This hands-on approach prepares you for a successful career in tech, offering real-world application and visibility.

  • Exclusive learning content: Explore our Learning Paths to find structured educational content designed to guide your learning. These paths provide a clear progression through different tech topics, helping you enhance your knowledge and skills at your own pace.

  • Global network: Connect campus advisors and experts, and attend special events and live streams. Each connection will expand your horizon and open doors to new growth opportunities.

Sign up for free and take the first step toward becoming a leader in technology and innovation.

How do I join the GitHub Education?

  • As a student: If you're currently enrolled at an accredited educational institution, you can apply to become part of GitHub Education. You'll need to provide a school-issued email address or other documents proving your enrollment. Apply through the GitHub Education website, select 'Student', and follow the instructions to submit your information.

  • As a teacher: Educators can join by verifying their teacher status with a school-issued email and documentation of school affiliation. Head over to the GitHub Education site, choose 'Teacher' under the benefits section, and submit your application.

  • As a school: To get your school on board with the free GitHub Education program for schools, you need to be an educational institution offering degrees or certificates. The application should be completed by someone in charge of IT or a department head. Apply through the GitHub Education website, select 'Schools', and follow the instructions to submit your information.

  • As a partner: To begin a collaboration with GitHub Education, visit our partners page to learn more about the details and types of partnership we aim for, then, complete our partnerships form for our team to reach out and discuss the next steps.