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This discussion space has moved to the GitHub Education Community.

GitHub's teacher community

Welcome to the teacher community on GitHub, a collaborative space for sharing ideas around using GitHub in learning environments.

Check out the discussions here, or feel free to create a new one. For starters, say hello in the Welcome thread.


This community is designed as a companion to, to serve as a collaborative, Safe Space™️ for teachers of all levels, subjects, and school types to share ideas about how to help their students be more successful using GitHub. Better Living Through Version Control.

This is an experiment. The GitHub education team wants to hear what problems you are running into using GitHub in your classes, give answers when we have them, and facilitate dialogue.

What types of questions can I ask?

Anything loosely related to using Git/GitHub for teaching or making classrooms more collaborative is fair game, e.g.

  • Setup suggestions for classrooms
  • Understanding GitHub access control and security
  • How to learn Git
  • How to teach Git
  • Strategies to increase student participation
  • Structuring assignments
  • Additional resources

For anything else you'd prefer to ask in private, feel free to contact the GitHub education team directly.

Ground rules

  • Memes, animated gifs, and emoji are encouraged.
  • Keep things informal but considerate and productive.
  • There is a zero-tolerance policy for harassment.


To be notified of all new activity, watch the repository. Too many emails? Not a problem. You can use the "Subscribe" or "Unsubscribe" buttons on individual discussions. You can also toggle your global notification preferences in your account settings, to control which notifications go to email, and which only appear in your notifications.

Want to add images to your questions/comments, or stick in some 👍 💥 😎 🎓? See the Markdown guide.