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  1. morf morf Public

    The MOOC Replication Framework (MORF)

    Python 16 7

  2. jupyterlab-pioneer jupyterlab-pioneer Public

    A JupyterLab extension for generating and exporting JupyterLab event telemetry data.

    TypeScript 9 2

  3. fy2015-replication fy2015-replication Public

    Replication of Fei and Yeung (2015), "Temporal Models for Predicting Student Dropout in Massive Open Online Courses".

    Python 6 4

  4. slicing-analysis slicing-analysis Public

    Slicing analysis and replication of (Xing et al 2016, Gardner and Brooks 2018, Fei and Yeung 2015) using the MOOC Replication Framework (MORF)

    Python 4 2

  5. vscode-telemetry vscode-telemetry Public

    A vscode extension for generating and exporting editor's telemetry data.

    TypeScript 4 1

  6. etc_jupyterlab_telemetry_library etc_jupyterlab_telemetry_library Public

    TypeScript 3 2


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