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What is it?

It's deployment tool made for web applications integrated with jenkins. Allowing users to deploy new versions while browsing the deployed website.
It comes with some example batch scripts for IIS deployment :) and some sweet animations! (Thanks

How to build it

Installation from source
1. Install NodeJS
2. Navigate to client and perform a npm install
3. Navigate to server and perform a npm install
4. Open a console on client and execute npm start
5. Open a console on server with admin permissions and execute npm start
6. Done! Navigate to http://localhost:9900
Installation from releases TODO
Configuration General Configuration
To configure the application open the config.json on the server folder

Authentication Configuration
It is recommended to change the SOCKET_IO_AUTHTOKEN to something else, it will not fully prevent different apps from connecting. It's a very BASIC authentication. You will need to update the client_config.json on the client folder with the new key as well.

Some cool pics

Some animations

Loading Screen

Changelog Menu

Deployment Menu