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This is the generated Octopress source of my blog.

If you wish to see the source and full configuration of my site, switch branches to source and you'll see a clone of Octopress with my hacks.

To Do

These are the items remaining before I can switch over.

  • figure out directories (/categories, /tags etc)
  • import all existing blog posts (there are tools for importing CSV, easy)
  • redirect links for old urls (part of the importer process)
  • basic 404.html
  • port all blog image thumbnails/images over (or not?)
  • figure out old /Downloads and /Binary folders (or not?)

Nice to haves ...

These are the enhancements I plan on, after the requirements above.

  • add several key plugins available, such as the Javascript Search feature (remember, this is static)
    • branch for plugin changes, to keep track of what goes in and changes
  • enhance 404.html
    • theme like the categories page
    • search box
    • maybe suggest posts based on some js wizardy
  • port all /photos to flickr or some other gallery. Doesn't belong on blog anyways.
  • blog more


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