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This is both my personal resume and an example of a DevOps Engineer's technical resume.

The LaTeX code is licensed under the MIT license, to prevent any ambiguity about the fact that you are welcome to copy it and use it for whatever purposes you like. The intended purpose is to make your own resume pretty without having to think very much about LaTeX.

See my advice at for other technical resume tips.

How to use

To generate and view the PDF, I run pdflatex resume.tex && evince resume.pdf. You can also use the included Makefile if you prefer.

Everything before the \begin{document} configures the style and formatting.

Your document's appearance will rarely change when you mess with indentation in the source, but will often change if you add or remove a blank line.

How to share

If you're using this repo as a template for your own resume, I recommend not creating a fork. GitHub seems to intend forks to mean code which will ever get merged back into the origin.

Instead, make an empty repository in your own github account called resume, then:

yourcomputer$ git clone
yourcomputer$ cd resume
yourcomputer$ ed resume.tex # put your own stuff in
yourcomputer$ ed # take out the stuff that only applies to edunham
yourcomputer$ git commit -am "Added my accomplishments"
yourcomputer$ git remote add me
yourcomputer$ git push me master

You can also git config -e to change the URLs so that your repo is origin and my remote is edunham, for simplicity's sake.

This way you'll get credit on the contributions graph for changes you make.

If you just want to hack on the LaTeX code that builds the resume then PR it back, go ahead and fork. But that's probably not your use case.

Job Search Links

  • We Work Remotely has remote tech industry jobs
  • Europe Remotely weekly update on jobs for remoties in European time zones
  • whitetruffle seems to aggregate mostly smaller, startup-type tech opportunities
  • ziprecruiter is an aggregator that covers categories outside of tech, but doesn't appear to have a very fine-grained search within categories
  • Hired is a poorly-named but seemingly well-executed system wherein your profile goes in a marketplace for a week and companies sort of bid on you.
  • aggregates a whole bunch of these by category, including diversity, geographic region, and internship
  • Hiring-Without-Whiteboards repo lists a whole lot of companies with "unconfentional" interview techniques

Portland-specific job aggregators

Interview Prep and Company Research Links

Julia Evans's Questions I'm Asking In Interviews

Julie Pagano's Organization information template repeats some of Evans's questions

Liz Abinate's post on culture smells

Interview guides:

Questions to ask interviewers

Money Stuff

LaTeX Links

General Resume Links