Hacking a Blood Pressure Monitor to make it WiFi enabled
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Blood Pressure Monitor WiFi Interface - ESP8266

This is the Arduino code for a ESP8266 used to add WiFi capability to a Panasonic blood presure monitor.

Please check out the full project at http://www.edusteinhorst.com/hacking-a-blood-pressure-monitor/


This is a very rough initial version of the code. Don't expect reliability. Also, keep in mind you're modifying a medical device and that CAN interfere with it's accuracy and reliability. Remeber that a WiFi device emits RF which can affect other devices. If you choose to modify it, don't use it as a medical device anymore. Use this code at your own risk. I cannot be held liable if, knock on wood, your house burns down our your dog dies!


I had an old blood pressure monitor that I wanted to make capable of pushing data to the cloud. This project allows the user to send measurements to an IoT log database with the push of a button. The data can then be used to plot charts and identify trends, correlate fluctuations with other health data, etc.

The IoT database used was SparkFun's http://data.sparkfun.com.


Please check the details at http://www.edusteinhorst.com/hacking-a-blood-pressure-monitor/


Modify the constants in the code to reflect your access point ssid/pwd and your data.sparkfun.com keys.


Feel free to fork this and have at it. You can reach me at edusteinhorst.com


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.