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A "micro" editor for MicroPython and the BBC micro:bit - this fork targets the ESP8266 and other micropython boards - switch to the feature/multi-board branch to use this. Written in Python and Qt5.
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Mu - a "micro" editor

This project works with Python 3 and the Qt UI library.

This is forked from and aims to add some more features (different boards, including ESP8266) to mu. The branch at has these features.

Currently, the latest builds for Windows, OSX and Linux x86 can be found here:


At this stage you'll need to run from source.

  • Clone the repo, and switch to the feature/multiboard branch
  • (optionally, create a virtualenv for the project)
  • install the required packages using pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  • edit the file mu/ to match your device configuration
  • run mu using python3

The README for the original mu project (with rationale, etc) is at

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